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Vision: Basing decisions on the Polaris Effect: doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons, and ensuring all decisions are founded in good governance.

Mission: With the strength and diversity of its leadership team, Polaris strives to provide progressive and professional services that maximize the value of its investments and positions it as an employer of choice.

The island’s national and commercial institutions, as well as its community, depend on goods imported through Polaris. Polaris is responsible for over 30,000 container moves per year, from goods to groceries, vehicles to materials, and so much more.

How we will achieve the vision:

• Create opportunities for our staff and profits for our shareholders
• Continuously explore opportunities to innovate and grow
• Invest in our physical plant, infrastructure and people
• Engage fairly and transparently with our staff and partners (industry & union)
• Incorporate sustainability and ESG practices
• Remain market and environmentally aware and pivot as needed
• Take calculated risks and being entrepreneurial


Logistics, Containers, Heavy Equipment, Paving, Asphalt Manufacture & Aggregate Supply


34,901 containers handled (2015-2016)


BSX Return on shareholder equity of 12.5% (2015-2016)