Notice to Importers

Launching or lifting Boats into, or out of, Hamilton Harbour, Cradles and Trailers and loading onto a barge.

1. Importers must have prior approval from Customs for stevedores to lift any boat into the harbour etc., or load any cargo onto a barge.

2. An advance appointment is required through the SSL Operations Manager/Superintendent before any boat is launched or lifted out of or into the Harbour or cargo is loaded onto any barge.

3. Boats will not be launched when SSL is working a cargo ship.

4. If travelling to the Hamilton Docks by water, you will not be allowed to access the Docks unless approved in advance by Port Security.

5. There will be a charge for lifting a boat out of or into a cradle, onto a vehicle trailer or in or out of Hamilton Harbour.

6. All charges must be paid in advance of the appointed time of the launch or lift.

7. Report to Port Security to meet the Operations Manager/Superintendent immediately prior to the launch time.

8. Proof of payment (the receipt) must be shown to the Operations Manager/Superintendent at the time of the launch/lift.

9. Proper PPE must be worn (vest, closed toe, hard sole/non-slip footwear) in order to access the dock area.