BreakBulk Policy 2018

Please not that the policy relates to the collection of breakbulk (anything not in a container) from the Hamilton docks.

1. When breakbulk cargo (roadtrailers etc.) comes in through an agent or agency, the agency will request SSL to strip the trailer via a stripping request.

2. SSL will strip the cargo and at its earliest opportunity, advise the shipping agent/agency of its availability. The shipping agent/agency will then contact the consignee to pick up the cargo.

3. Where there is no shipping agent, SSL will strip the cargo and await the arrival or contact from the consignee to pick up the cargo.

4. If any cargo is in demurrage, our finance sectin will contact the consignee to advise them of the amount owing and the cargo can be picked up once the demurrage is paid.

5. If SSL is unable to provide the cargo to the consignee or consignee representative (trucker) on the day that they arrive, after being informed that it is available, demurrage is waived, for that day only, and a date will be given when it can be picked up.

6. In most cases, SSL cannot deliver breakbulk or put boats over on days when working a ship.