Stevedoring Services Limited

Established in 1966, Stevedoring Services Limited is a privately held Bermuda Incorporated Company and a subsidiary of Polaris Holding Company Ltd. In 1983, Stevedoring Services restructured to become a publicly traded company listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). It traded on the BSX as “Stevedoring Services” until 25 March 2011 when it voluntarily delisted as a process requirement for the creation and the listing of the new parent & holding company, Polaris Holding Company Ltd. on 28 March 2011.


52 highly trained team members smoothly operate the docks of Bermuda. (as of 2015-2016)


Over 18 containers moved per crane per hour and 34,901 containers moved per year. (as of 2015-2016)


Open for business up to 14 hours each day and 362 days each year. (as of 2015-2016)