The upcoming America’s Cup has sparked a boom at Bermuda’s docks — but turnaround times have slowed as containers and other goods pile up on the wharf.

Warren Jones, chief executive officer of Stevedoring Services’ parent company Polaris Holding, said: “This is unusual based on recent years, definitely.

“It’s related to the America’s Cup — we’ve seen a lot of cargo coming in.”

He was speaking a day after Stevedoring Services appealed to importers, forwarders and truckers to collect their goods quickly as the six-acre dock site was filled to capacity.

Mr Jones said: “The containers are not an issue, but we’ve seen an incredible amount of boats coming in and break-bulk. That’s anything not containerised — toilets, lifting equipment, tractors, anything other than containers.

“The containers you can stack, but you can’t stack cars and boats.”

Mr Jones added that the extra cargo was a safety hazard for dock staff.

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