Travis Gilbert, a senior public officer with the Bermuda Government, has been appointed general manager of East End Asphalt.

Polaris Holding Company, which acquired EEA in March, said Mr Gilbert will take over the role next month.

A spokesman at the company said that as a trained lawyer, and civil servant with a history of entrepreneurship, Mr Gilbert may be considered an unexpected choice for general manager of an industrial plant.

“In Travis, we have an entrepreneur,” said Warren Jones, chief executive officer of Polaris. “Presently the focus is to deliver a good asphalt product whether to a large entity or the homeowner. However, we also want the public to know that we provide services for tennis courts and in the course of the next year will introduce new products and also return to doing the types of projects the company has been known for.”

He said Mr Gilbert was someone who understood what was necessary to source, develop and sustain business and contacts.

“His strengths are varied and we believe that it is those strengths that will take EEA to the next level,” Mr Jones said. “We are not looking for the traditional route, we believe in outside the box thinking and innovation.”

In his new role, Mr Gilbert will manage the day-to-day operations of the Duck’s Puddle, Hamilton Parish, plant, ensuring delivery of a high-quality asphalt product, and target growth across commercial, institutional and residential segments.

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