13.5 years | Top Loader Operator, Stevedoring Services Limited

A generation ago, Stevedoring Services Limited did not yet exist in its current form and casual workers would line up on the docks when the ships sailed in and sign up for opportunities to work the dock for a day at a time. Trevor Smith’s grandfather was one of those workers.

Today, Trevor Smith, Top Loader Operator, has a full time job working these very docks taking advantage of advanced technology and a secure working environment where worker safety is valued. Smith has always had a passion for operating heavy machinery and feels he has landed his ideal job.

A humble man, he doesn’t talk much about his work beyond the docks but his eyes light up when he talks about his work-team, his responsibilities within the operation and the company he calls the hub of Bermuda, “We have great management now, and our guys have a great work ethic – and it shows.

Our productivity keeps climbing with more containers moved per hour and less men on the docks. Each of us play a part and as the machine operator, there ‘ain’t no skanking’, because it will affect the whole operation.”